Jennifer White, Photographer

As a mom with two children of my own, I know how hard it can be to make time to get great portraits of my family. (In fact, it's even worse when you're a photographer for some reason!) I strive to provide unique, quality images at prices that are reasonable and competitive.
But even more importantly, I always try to make the experience itself memorable. I connect with each of my clients and work very hard to put their story into every image. I love capturing that sly look between a couple that they think no one else sees, the mischievious light in a child's eyes, the hope in the heart of an expectant mother. My ultimate goal is for each image to say something about the people in it, not just be a snapshot of a posed moment in time.
I have been working as a photographer off and on for the last 10 years. It is a passion that I work each day to learn something new about. And nothing excites me more than sitting down with a fresh batch of photos to edit and present to my clients. I can't wait to share them!
On the personal side, I've lived in the Wichita area my entire life and love it here. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and a mildly irritating boxer who I love anyway. When I'm not shooting or editing photos I love to ride horses and spend time with my crazy but loveable family!